Project Endure

We exist to help others find strength in struggle. Based out of Philadelphia, PA we extend our reach across the world to create enduring impact; one person, one conversation and one experience at a time. We embrace the idea that resilience is endurance with direction and we understand that meaningful things are built together. We can all go further together and lasting endurance requires support. Join us as we provide the scaffolding to turn struggle into strength.

Do Hard Things

Underneath all of our perceived differences, struggle and suffering are shared components of the human experience. Here at Project Endure, we understand that life is hard and that’s not a bad thing. “DO HARD THINGS” is based off of the belief that struggle is the stimulus for strength and resistance uncovers resilience. We believe that the hard things we choose AND the hard things that choose us both exist to nurture growth ONLY if we choose that perspective. Hard is relative and choosing our hard is a privilege. Join us as we “DO HARD THINGS” and show up on the good days, the hard days and all days in between.

Joe Rinaldi

Joe Rinaldi founded Project Endure in 2021 after leaving his full time job as a physical therapist in Philadelphia, PA. When he was 10 years old, Joe was diagnosed with Best Disease - a condition that causes progressive sight loss. The prospect of going blind was once a burden but has become a blessing; what he's lost in sight, he's gained in vision. Joe has a deep desire to help others find strength in their struggle and has channeled that here. While building Project Endure, Joe continues to write, speak and coach while putting faith first and striving to be the best husband to his wife Michaela. Throughout his formal education, athletic career and life experience, Joe has developed a hunger for growth and a love for people which both support Project Endure.

"Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor." - Alexis Carrell

  • Project

    An organized and intentional effort toward a desired destination or outcome (often involving a team).

  • Line

    The path forward is full of obstacles, barriers and interruptions; it's never smooth but we must keep going.

  • Endure

    The act of endurance begins on the other side of struggle; when we can continue moving despite discomfort.